IRS audit

The Almighty IRS Audit. De Leon Accounting knows that an full audit by the IRS is feared probably more than death and taxes… Okay well at least the former anyway. If you are indeed being Audited, then you’ll need a professional and De Leon is here to handle it for you.

Thankfully though, an IRS Audit is extremely rare and not likely to effect you. For example, out of over 141 million individual tax returns filed in fiscal year of 2011, only a paltry 1.1% were actually audited.

Additionally, those people who now file their tax returns electronically has increased & increased as the years go by. In 2010 it was 98.7 million, and if you file electronically, your error rate drops to 0.5%. That’s opposed to 21% if you file by paper.

There are many things you can do to avoid an audit. Make sure you are realistic in your deductions for example and always be honest about your income, credits, deductions and other figures.

While it’s hard to be 100% honest, honesty is the best policy for not getting in trouble by the IRS.

Be sure to always double-check your figures, something many people forget to do or don’t take the time to do, as erroneous data entry is actually the #1 most common red flag the IRS notices, but is also the most easily preventable.

If you do find yourself being audited by the IRS, DO NOT call the IRS yourself, as you can reveal information to them that only complicates matters and digs you a bigger hole.

Hire a professional and let us wrangle that beast for you.

Hire us today, and let us ensure you never have to deal with the dark shadow of an IRS audit!