File taxes


Do you need help filing taxes? If so De Leon Accounting is here for you. We are experts on the in’s & out’s of taxes, and can get you the best return possible.

There are many tips to filing taxes that you may not know about, for example:

The timing of your tax return is important. If you have a mortgage payment that is due on January, for example, you can get a larger refund if you pay it by December 31st and thus the ability to add it to your Mortgage-Interest Deduction.

Do you have health issues? It’s tough enough to deal with health problems, so you can make lemonade out of lemons by carefully scheduling your treatments or health exams into the final quarter of the year. This allows you to write them off under the Medical Expense Deduction.

Likewise, you can get a much bigger tax refund by paying your property taxes by New Year’s Eve. This will allow you to get a bigger return thanks to Itemizing rather than the standard deduction.

Do you have kids in college? Did you know that there is a American Opportunity Tax Credit related to higher education that can help you offset some of those high expenses? Up to $1,000 bucks is refundable, and if you are in grad-school or beyond grad-school, you may even be eligible for the Lifetime Learning Credit.

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