Taxes for LLC


Do you need help with filing Taxes for your LLC (Limited-Liability Company?) De Leon Accounting can help you wade through the mess.

It’s important to know a few basics, with an in-depth analysis only a phone call away.

* Arizona does not require an annual report to be filed for LLC’s.

* An EIN is required for any LLC that has employees in the Copper State (that’s us). The majority of banks in Arizona also require an EIN if you desire to open a bank account specifically for your business.

* Arizona does not require a State Tax Identification Number.

* Most businesses (although it will obviously depend on the exact nature of your business), will require a license of some kind or sort. Naturally, as you’d expect, there are a number of taxes and fees associated with LLC’s in Arizona.

Call us today and let’s get to work on breaking it all down.