Business taxes in AZ

Taxes, taxes, taxes. Business taxes in Arizona can be an issue that causes people headaches (come on politicians! Get on that Tax Code Reform already!), but we are here to help!
There are many areas where being tax-knowledgeable will help you out.
Whether you are talking about the City Privilege Tax, the Corporate Income Tax, the Luxury Tax on Tabacco or Liquor, Property Taxes, Taxpayer Bonding, the Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT), the Waste Tire Fee or a number of other taxes, penalties, fees and licensing issues; De Leon Accounting can help you wade through them.
So instead of allowing taxes to make your life even more complicated, give us a call today and let us simplify your own personal tax code to one-sheet of awesomeness!
Do you need a business tax ID? Or maybe you want to know if you need a new one?
An Employer Identification Number, called an “EIN” for short, and also known as a “Federal Tax Identification Number” (Or “Tax ID”), is a unique number that specifically identifies your business entity.
In general, all business need one.
We can help you in applying for a new Tax ID (if you changed ownership, for example), help you cancel an EIN, discuss how EINs are assigned and valid EIN prefixes, tell you how long it will take to get your EIN number, and answer any other questions you may have.
Give us a call and we can discuss Employer ID Numbers and all that it entails.