I have known Guillermo de Leon for more than two decades. His accounting firm has handled my personal and corporate income tax for that length of time.

He has always shown professionalism and integrity in his work. He puts his clients interest first and is always available when you need to speak with him. I recommend is accounting firm to everyone. No matter how small or large your company, he has the tools to make your experience an easy one.

He is well informed with assisting to create new companies and guiding you through the paperwork. Whether it’s an LLC, corporation, or partnership, he is very capable.


Hector Yturralde


Economizer North America Inc


Accessibility and expertise? De Leon Accounting, Guillermo is the best. 20 years and getting better day by day. Smooth and friendly, from day one a pleasure to have your accounting needs handled professionally with confidentiality and integrity. Indicators of stability are in his answers consistently in compliance with safe economic advantages.

Diversity in the handling of Documents, the moving of paper is a virtual one stop shop. Filing Corporate minutes, Resolutions, Real Estate Transactions, printing needs, referrals of any technical vocation with established tested relationships and of course Notary Acknowledgements.

De Leon Accounting simply a pleasure to endorse on their merits.

Roberto Sigmond